My Inspiration


Where do people usually find inspiration for their work? From magazines, TV, nature, architecture, and many other ways, right? Me, I look at my kids because they have young, creative juices flowing and even when they are being silly playing, there are special moments that give me that little twinkle in my eye. Usually, it is one glance and I just know what to do next.

Without their help (even though they don't know most of the time when they have helped), I find myself pacing around, racking my brain for ideas that refuse to come. I will pull out just about every supply that was neatly stored and mess with them just to end up where I started.

You can't force creativity, it needs to come naturally and when it does that piece will be amazing; something to be incredibly proud of, regardless of the simplicity or complexity. When it feels forced it is time to take a break, relax and revisit with a vision.

This is my daughter, Alexis (10). After the 4th of July parade that she was in, she used the bead necklaces she had collected to make different items such as necklaces, bracelets, belts and head pieces by cutting them into pieces and then reassembling them.

The other day she came in wearing this head piece (that was originally a cool belt that she had made). I looked at her and it hit me. I had been doing the mental search for the new bridal line that is due to be released in just a few months and now at least one out of the twelve has been designed. I also realize that I am a bit late getting started if it is due in a few months but we also recently did a revamp so I am considering it okay this one time ;).

Alexis inspiration

Alexis walked in and when I looked up, I kid you not, the entire design was completed in my head that second. I had the biggest smile on my face because she looked so beautiful and it fills my heart knowing that she loves doing what I do.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that your child is trying to be like you when you haven't pushed for it or secretly guided them. She is talented and since she has chosen this path for now, I will support her 100% and do whatever I can to help her grow with it.

Our kids see everything we do and watch even if we think they don't. They look up to us and many want to be just like us. Give them reasons to be proud and be proud in return! I love my kids with all of my heart and am incredibly blessed to have their love and support with school and my career as well.