Helping people get great clothes who may not be able to regularly buy for growing kids and families, for school programs, and more is a great feeling!




  1. Click on the links given or visit the apps mentioned
  2. Join/ Sign up
  3. Browse/ Shop
  4. Add items to your cart
  5. Check out
  7. Refer others for even more savings
  8. WIN

It's THAT easy.

NOTE: None of this information is made up. These are REAL transactions that have been shipped and received. Comment after your first order so others can jump in on the fun, too! Refer your friends and family to save even more and so they can save.

Don’t have a debit or credit card? No worries! You can use a pre-paid Visa card just for these. This helps with those that do not like ordering online with their actual bank accounts. We do this as well for some purchases.

***PLEASE READ the important note at the very bottom of this page***

 Google search photo

Google search photo



VISIT Schoola: CLICK HERE and then click join in the upper right hand corner.

With Schoola, your first purchase of up to $10 is FREE. Any item that is not “New with tags” (flagged with a yellow symbol on the photo of the item or that states in the description that it cant be used with credits) can be purchased with this credit. Watch for those 50% off deals as well so be sure to like them on Facebook!

These sites DO take time to browse the items and view descriptions and sizes so PLEASE be patient (there is a lot to look through). You are able to refine your search for sizes, price, etc. It is very much worth the time you put into it to find clothing for your family. I believe once you receive your first order, you will completely agree.


***PLEASE READ the important note at the very bottom of this page***


You also receive FREE shipping with Schoola, so your entire transaction is FREE. Here are some examples :).

Be sure to like Schoola on Facebook by CLICKING HERE to stay in the loop for amazing deals. The last photo example above shows where they had a 50% sale so we received double for FREE! I mean, why not!? For every item purchased, a portion of the sale goes to a school to help with their programs such as music, art and fitness. You can even send your old clothes so that money is donated to YOUR school.

Also, after you purchase your $10, make a collection by clicking the top tabs on the site that says Collections and sometimes you can earn an extra free $10!!!

Look at these super cute items below that can be used on a regular day or for maternity!!!


The above items were just like new when received. There are no signs of wear and the pink dress was brand new.

I still have these items years later and they look just as good! Now that my baby has outgrown the photos shown, we have replaced them with more her size (more blogs are available about those and how we do it), but luckily, I haven't been out a lot of money from the kids growing up.



The next place to visit for another FREE $10 in clothes for babies, kids, and women is ThredUP! ThredUP has very gently used clothes (seems like new), and you have the ability to find items new with tags (unlike schoola) that you can purchase with your credits. The selection here is much better for name brands, and my go to site.

CLICK HERE to save!

This site does have $5.99 shipping for the free purchases, but its still a superb deal for awesome, top name brands in like new condition! There are free shipping promotions at times as well as other discounts. Like them on FACEBOOK to get the codes.

Watch for notifications on your phone after you get the app (after you sign up) as well as Facebook for extra percentages off! This helps take care of some shipping, too.


The steps 1-8 from above still apply for this site! Enjoy your FREE $20.


Here is an example of a transaction from ThredUP.


***PLEASE READ the important note at the very bottom of this page***

The total amount of these items were $18.97 but came out to be $0 with 5.99 shipping.

We got some great baby clothes for a great price!! Now, they are able to help others save as well!  You just can’t beat that!



This site also has an available app for easy browsing.

 These were free as well.

These were free as well.


The last tip is to install the super cool app, Poshmark on your smart phone.

This way you can get a great deal, and even trade things you dont need anymore for new.

USE THIS CODE when you sign up ON THE APP ONLY for a FREE $5 credit to put toward your first purchase!!!!


Find amazing deals on second hand AND brand new items here from sellers clearing out their closets. When you like items and they are saved in your “like” list, you will be notified when they lower their prices so you can take advantage of discounted shipping! This could mean another FREE ITEM!!

Download the APP to enter the code for your FREE $5!!!

You can view Poshmark on the web as well, but your credit is only good through the app.

Here is an example of some items from Poshmark.

These were some amazing finds and one or two were actually FREE from credits, sales, etc. The top skirt was NEW WITH TAGS and only listed for $7!!! The mustard dress was never worn, the gold and black dress was worn once (just like borrowing your sisters clothes), and the fringe tank was also NEW WITH TAGS, and listed for only $5. Awesome.

Shipping is separate from each seller, but you are able to “Make an offer” on anything you find that you like. The seller can accept your offer or counter until an agreed price is found. If the seller lowers their price by a certain amount (you can also request this instead of an offer), then Poshmark will offer discounted shipping for an hour for those who “liked” the item! Its SO FUN, and better than Ebay in my opinion. Its a huge community of some awesome ladies with awesome items and top designer items as well.

When I find more great places for amazing deals, I will be sure to update!!!!


Yours Truly,

A mom saving for those big moments helping others do the same.


Love my family. Love my life. 

Love, The Family Coleition 

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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