BowPosh for Smiles Campaign 2017

BowPosh for Smiles Campaign 2017

 A campaign by BowPosh, a division of Laura C Cole & Co.

A campaign by BowPosh, a division of Laura C Cole & Co.

Happy September!

A huge thank you to everyone who has and who does support us in this mission!

Every year BowPosh teams up with other small businesses and individuals to put together goodie bags for kids with cancer and their families who are admitted into hospitals.

Items in these goodie bags are donated directly from the businesses or purchased from other businesses and stores using personal funds and donations. With this we are able to provide these families with a little more fun and smiles during their hospital stays!! Being away from a comfortable home, family, and friends for any amount of time can be very difficult but we hope that these gifts can make these times a bit brighter.

If you are a small business or individual who would like to join us in 2017 with items or donations, we would LOVE to have you! Please send a message to with how you would like to help or use the link below to donate to the campaign. An address will be provided if sending or dropping off items. There are two state drop off locations (TN & FL). 

We are super excited to be able to do this year after year always praying it continues to grow so that we can visit more families in more locations as well as help in other ways. 

I Want To Add A Smile

Thank you again to everyone who joins us this year! We cant wait to visit Golisano Childrens Hospital to share the smiles.

Our visit should take place in late September or early/mid October. There are possible delays due to storms but we will keep you updated!

This year the theme is GOLD.

With much love and thanks,

Laura C Cole & Co. and Team